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Camp Laughter

A retro horror experience with a comedic-twist, escaping a campground of some funky killers! To be released soon :)


Inspired by the song Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Ros, developed a character controller where you are a jellyfish floating in a whimsical space!

Untitled Cat Game

Two-week collab project, exploring procedural endless runners. Play as a kitty trying to catch a laser point!


Producer and Level Design of Couch Competitive Game 'BOOmates' Won Design Innovation award at UCSC Games Showcase 2020

Glassy Sky

Demonstrates Level Design and Terrain Procgen upon reset via Unity

Triangle Float Generator

3D Procedural Generation via Unity

Game of Life

Cellular Automation of Conway's Game of Life via Unity

Sound Design: Stardew Valley

Recreation of Stardew Valley's Gameplay Soundtrack from pure Scratch. Completed via Reaper and Zoom H1

A Taste of Lace

Take a bite into a questionable adventure in this interactive narrative game!

Flower Tsun

Help tsun collect flowers for his flower crown in this wholesome endless runner!

3D Hand Model

Hand Anatomy Study via Zbrush

3D 02 Model

Zero Two Model via Zbrush

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