I'm Tiffany Lam,

but I also go by Tifa!

M.S. Games & Playable Media | B.S. Computer Science Game Design

My main focus is game design, game production management, and game user experience. My goal is to carry out the creation of unique and memorable experiences with passionate and creative-driven teams. I hope to venture to create unique games that challenge design and require innovative solutions. I design games that bring out important qualities such as positivity, immersive tactful experiences, and memorable fun through technologies such as Unity and Unreal Engine, in determination to create games that are safe and inclusive to all. I want to express the means of innovative play, personal development, and influential impacts.

Video games such as Stardew Valley, Overcooked, Overwatch, and Breath of the Wild are all inspirational in terms of fun, quality, and design.

Likes: studying japanese, cloud watching, watercoloring

r&b music, milk tea, korean fried chicken, onigiri